Chonkinfeckle are Wigan lads

Tim Cooke – The  Gobby  Stick Swiper

Peter Byrom – The Ivory Tickler

Les Hilton – The Plucking Uke Player

Playing original folk songs.   Telling stories of work, wives, kids, and the Mother in law!  in other words, everyday life in a Northern town and often including a little bit of the local dialect.


What t’uther folk say bout us!


Mike Harding

“I like your stuff”!


Dave Lamb (Come Dine With Me)

 ”Best hush up, there’s a belting turn on”!


Sally Naden (BBC Radio Lancashire)

“It’s unique sort of music.”


Natalie Geraghty – Lancashire Publications

“They met through their love of the ukulele and they formed a group based on their passion for local history.”


 Youtube anon

“The chip butty Chas & Daves”


 Coppull Folk Club 

“Then we had Wigan’s own totally unique stage act Chonkinfeckle.    The carefully written comedy lyrics about all places and things “Wigan” were accompanied by excellent ukulele, percussion and mouth organ playing.  These two performers bravely manage to produce a set so different that they can only be classed as brilliant.  We all had a wonderful night!”


  Chonkinfeckle (anon message)

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“Well, I like it”


Marcy Marxer – Ukulele social club

“This is great!! OK, now I need to look up Wigan to learn more about your city—or Borough. Very catchy tune.”


Becky Want (BBC Radio Manchester)

“It puts a smile on your face”


Dave Whelan

“I’m from Wigan me -  We all love that song!”


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