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A song for Wigan Athletic


Apr 1, 2014 All Kinds of Stuff 0 Comments

I`m From Wigan Me!    Latics Re-mix


Chonkinfeckle’s re-written song especially for the Latic’s 2014 F.A. Cup & Premiership campaign! Starring Chonkin’s honorary 4th member Mr Dave Whelan on tub bass & harmonica duties!!
An official download for this song is available from the Josephs’s Goal charity website at Josephs Goal where all the money raised from the download goes direct to the Joseph’s Goal charity.

Finally, we would like to say many, many thanks to the Chairman, Directors and all the staff at the DW Stadium for all their support, help and encouragement whilst we were working on this project!

Oh Aye!


For a Mp3 download of the song, please click the ‘Josephs Goal’ logo below, and download from there.

ALL money goes direct to the Josephs Goal Charity.

Thank You


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