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Czech International Ukulele Festival


Jul 30, 2014 All Kinds of Stuff 0 Comments


SAM_1396Well, what can we say!! Our first international ukulele festival at Únětice,  is under our belt, and what a blast it was. The Czech Republic is an AMAZING country, with beautiful people and outstanding culture and history.
We was made to feel extremely welcome by all concerned. A massive thanks must go to Ben Anderson, the festival organiser for having us there in the first place. To Ken Middleton, for his confidence in us, and his recommendation for our inclusion at the festival.
And all our very good friends who were there, Mary Krell, Rob, Lucy & Riley Collins, Tony Casey, Joe Grant Mills, Darren & Elena Atherton, Andie Dee & Jo, and to all the other artists on the bill. We’re extremely humbled and grateful for the whole episode!
Oh bloody aye indeed!!