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A Song & A Pint…..


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song and a pint

It Was billed as Yorkshire vs. Lancashire in one corner Chonkinfeckle (Lancashire) in the other Dead Man`s Uke (Yorkshire)…. There was some mean ukulele music to be played….
Chonkinfeckle played a barn storming set in vinyl tap records and Dead Man`s Uke played another storming set at Head of Steam Pub.
The half time entertainment was a Flash Mob led by the lovely & talented Jacqui Wicks who started an impromptu sing-along of, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

gnuf (3) gnuf (2) gnuf (2) gnuf (1) gnuf (1)Many thanks to Rob Collins for the pictures also see Here

If you would like to see Chonkinfeckle and Dead Man`s Uke they are performing at the GNUF – a Grand Northern Ukulele Festival.

Along with many other talented artists including

The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain


13-14 September, 2014
Huddersfield Town Hall, UK