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Michael Adcock at Chonkin Choons-day


Dec 6, 2014 All Kinds of Stuff 0 Comments



This Tuesday (9th Dec) at Chonkin choonsday down at the Raven, we’ll have something a bit special
Mr Michael Adcock is traveling up from Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire to play us some tunes!
This lad is something special he is still at school but he had been on the uke scene since he was a young boy quietly learning his craft by watching and jamming with all the top pro`s on the scene
It`s free entry even if you don`t play anything just come and see this star in the making
He has already performed on ken dodd`s theatre show and he can keep up with the best of them when they try to out do him with a blazingly fast 12th street rag
In a few years time you will be seeing his name up in lights…so come on down for a real treat

Michael will be doing a solo spot, then we’ll continue with the other usual nonsense afterwards!

Below Jamming with Johnny Foodstamp

michael 2