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Silent Movie Night


Dec 17, 2014 All Kinds of Stuff 0 Comments


Silent Film Night in the Bailiffs Bar at the Old Courts, Wigan.

Join us in the Bailiffs Bar at the Old Courts, Wigan for a free evening showing THREE short silent films all with LIVE accompaniment.

Ian Lythgoe, guitar and bag of tricks will accompany this 18min slap stick crackerjack of a film by Snub Pollard from 1923. Packed with Heath Robinson-esque inventions this one is a real visual treat …bring a spare belly as you might laugh the one you have clean off.

Spencer Chess from the super groovy band The Stags will play improvised piano to this marvellous 20 min Buster Keaton film from 1921. Come and see Buster at his amazing, acrobatic, hapless best and all this with LIVE accompaniment by Nige ! this is going to a real treat!

A nice slice of Chonkinfeckle will accompany this really splendid 18m min Laurel and Hardy film from 1929…watch Stan and Olly in a tit for tat scrap with the perfect accompanying sounds of Chonkinfeckle! if you miss this one I might shove a custard pie in your face myself!

with freshly made pop corn too!

hope to see you there!