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Coppull Folk Festival 2016


Jun 14, 2016 All Kinds of Stuff 0 Comments

Well the team at Coppull Folk Festival pulled off yet another great weekend, despite the lousy weather. The musicians, the audience, Bill & Lesley Sproson from Westminster Sound Engineers, the Alison Arms pub, the whole package was superb.

We had the pleasure of playing before the legend that is Jon Brindley, and it was wonderful that he invited us up during his set to collaborate on a few numbers.

Here is a review of our set & Jons’. Many thanks to Maria Regan from the festival team for this lovely review:-




Maria Regan’s Report of The final Concert
Sunday 12 June 2016



After one thought that the standard of music and entertainment at the festival couldn’t get any better, along came Sunday Night. I think we’d all agree with Ken Scally that it was the best final night ever of the past 19 festivals. Chonkinfeckle delivered a very clever polished performance including some new numbers from their latest CD.


They are born entertainers and their enjoyment and humour on stage spread the feel good factor to their audience. Tim’s sound effects from his percussion box added to Les’s ukulele and harmonica playing, and the tune with the cigar box guitar demonstrated what great music they can produce.


Jon Brindley was our final act. The fiddle playing gave us Irish and English dance music. The piano accordion took us to Italy, France, Scotland, Deep South, Ireland and England, played masterfully. Then his trusted guitar took us rock and roll in’, to the blues, pop, jazz, traditional, romantic, gospel, genres. What can this man not do with his magical voice, and musical instrument mastery? All delivered in the laid back style we are accustomed to.


Several times he invited Les and Tim Cooke from Chonkinfeckle to join him and the sound and energy these 3 lads produced t’was worthy of the biggest stage in the land, ably assisted by Westminster Stage Engineer Bill Sproson.  And, we had it at Coppull in our tent!


Thanks to Chonkinfeckle, Jon Brindley and Bill Sproson for making it happen. Thanks to all the artists who produced such wonderful musical memories over the weekend.


Thanks to Mavis Bury and Ron and her team for giving us the venue and working so hard to keep it going in the bar.


Thanks to the Coppull Folk Club team for all your hard work not only this weekend but through the year with the fund raising concerts.


Thanks to all the people who came and ignored those most awful wet downpours and just enjoyed yourselves. Your support and friendship means a lot.


Maria Regan