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Festival season is here again!


Aug 10, 2017 All Kinds of Stuff 0 Comments

Hello folks!


Sorry its been a while since we last posted an update.


Les is holding up well, and the music has proved to be the best therapy. He is still experimenting with certain medications form the Doctors, so hopefully he will get fettled very soon!  But he looks great, and sounding better than ever!!


We have had a few great festivals lately, and have a few more to come over the next month or so. We’re of to North Wales this weekend for the ‘Uke-A-Bay’ ukulele bash in Colwyn Bay. Details HERE



So big thanks for all your continued support, and we’ll sithi somewhere out there very soon!



Les & Tim

Rawtenstall Annual Fair – Actors Headshots Manchester 2017

Rawtenstall Annual Fair – Actors Headshots Manchester 2017

Les addressing the masses at PARBULELE 2017!

On stage at PARBULELE 2017!