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Beyond Wigan Pier! The Musical.


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Well we hit 2018 running, and it doesn’t look like we’re slowing down any time soon!





An update on the exciting project that is the world’s first community musical, based on George Orwell’s “Road to Wigan Pier”.



Beyond Wigan Pier Musical: April 27th 2018





Beyond Wigan Pier is Wigan’s answer to West End’s Orwell musical that is written, produced and performed by Wiganers. The performance will show the UK that Wigan is a cultural force to be reckoned with, that arts should be open to the masses and that we’ve come a long way since the bleak picture painted in the Road to Wigan Pier. The performance will be launched in a new performance space ,”The Edge” with 1000 seats having been created by The Community Church, cose to Wigan Pier.



Engaging Communities





The musical is steered by leaders from across Wigan – including Pianos, Pie and Pirouettes CIC Chief Exevutive (and Beyond Wigan Pier composer) Alan Gregory, The Edge chief executive David Moore, Wigan Council chief executive Donna Hall, Dave Little of Wigan Youth Orchestra, David Baxter of Abram Ward Co-Operative, One Vision and Fur Clemt. to ensure the performance engages with all corners of our community. This partnership approach aims to create long term impact on arts engagement across the borough and for all generations.


Engaging the Arts Sector



In addition to community partners, the performance has the support of the arts to create a high-quality show that boosts Wigan’s reputation as a destination for arts and culture.

The Orwell Society, run by George Orwell’s son Richard Blair, has granted permission for The Road To Wigan Pier to be used, and Richard Blair has agreed to be a part of the show.

Platform 7 have invited Beyond Wigan Pier performers to showcase their music at a flash event during rush hour at London Bridge Station.

The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts are considering supporting the performance with Jane Vicary looking to adapt her already succesful play, performed to the Orwellians, in the 80th anniversary celebrations here in Wigan in March 2017, to be the basis of the narration by Richard Blair, as well as providing, production and directorial expertise, from staff and senior students. and we have support from well-known performers including Olivia Garcia, Scott Chapman, Wigan Jazz Youth Orchestra, Chonkinfeckle and Janette Munroe to both launch a crowdfund single to raise funds for the musical, and to appear in the World Premiere on ,27th April 2018.



How you can help





The value of the Beyond Wigan Pier musical lies within the partnerships that have formed to ensure the community feels a sense of ownership – and pride – of getting involved. The project team are always looking for new partners from corporate, community and arts backgrounds.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact Alan on: