Playing original folk(ish) songs and telling stories of work, wives, kids, and the Mother-in-law!

Coppull Folk Festival 2018


Jun 19, 2018 All Kinds of Stuff 0 Comments

Huge thanks to all the team up at Coppull Folk Festival for having us back for 2018.  A superb warm and sunny weekend with great folk, and brilliant music.


Many thanks Maria Regan for this write up!!


Chonkinfeckle started the entertainment on Sunday night with their infectious bonhomie cheery manner. Tim delivered the stories/poems accompanied by his “all singing/ dancing” electronic percussion musical instrument, whilst Les provided the music with his 10 string Banjo/uke, his 3 string guitar box and his mouth organ.

It is a credit to Les, to be back playing so well after his stroke. These two are a double act and bounce off each other with their tales of Uncle Joes mint balls, the qualities of vinegar, the Lecky mon, night and day life in Wigan etc. We even got free ‘Uncle Joes mint balls’ thrown into the audience. This was a very entertaining set enjoyed by us all. Thanks to Les and Tim, and for supporting the fundraisers during the year. It was good to see you back at the festival.