Playing original folk(ish) songs and telling stories of work, wives, kids, and the Mother-in-law!

Chonkin’ Choons-day




 We also host ‘Chonkin Choons’ an open mic event. It’s open to ALL instruments and singers alike, poets, expressive dance…ANYTHING GOES!   Held every first Thursday of the month at the Tap ‘n’ Barrel, Jaxons Court, Wigan.








If you play an instrument and you want to get up and perform some tunes out, then this night is for you!

P.A. and mics supplied!








A nice little write up about Chonkin Choons-day from Michael Gradwell.   Here


And from Barry Maz and his ‘Got A Ukulele’ site.  Here


Many thanks Gentlemen!






Mike Warren, George Formby himself! Live at The Raven 7th July 2015


Manitoba Hal, live at Chonkin Choons, Tuesday 5th may, 2015


This is what we get up to on Tuesday nights at The Raven, Wigan.


Chonkin Choons Day on the main BBC 6:00pm & 10:00pm news!!



Chonkin Choonsday Gallery




Chris Layhe at Chonkin Choons 21-4-15

 Chris Layhe from the 80’s band, The Icicle Works, bashing some tunes for us one Tuesday!