Playing original folk(ish) songs and telling stories of work, wives, kids, and the Mother-in-law!

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Episode One     Our very special chum to start of this current run of pod casts, we have….Mr Tony Casey!  Here

Episode Two     Features the one and only Mr Phil Doleman!  Here

Episode Three  Features The Ukelites from Germany!  Here

Episode Four  Features the Bermuda legend, Mike ‘Uncle Elvis’ Hind!  Here

Episode Five   This weeks artist is the amazing, Zoë Bestel’   Here

Episode Six    This week we feature Paul Davies AKA UkePunk    Here

Episode Seven  This week we have a Chonkin Choons – day Regular  Ric McCormick   Here

Episode Eight  It’s the 4,3,2,1 show Christmas special! Complete with words of advice for the festive season!    Here

Episode Nine  The first featured artist of 2015, is the remarkable Michael Adcock.  Where will he be in five years time? The world is his lobster see   Here

Episode Ten  Alas, sadly no more, here we have the wonderful N’ukes, from Nantwich. The ukulele scene ain’t the same without these guys on it. Here

Episode Eleven  The one & only Ian Emmerson. No words needed for this fella and his humble ukulele…a pure joy to hear & see!   Here

Episode Twelve  A double delight in the form of  Nancy & Pearl, better known as The Mersey Belles!  And what s beautiful sound these two lasses make!  Oh aye!  Here

Episode Thirteen  Ukulele Huff and Lonesome Dave trio feat Brother Bill.  The music of the 1920’s and 30’s have never sounded so good!  Here

Episode Fourteen  It’s time for the ukulele king of YouTube, Mike Hayllor aka ‘Krabbers’ to have his moment in the 4,3,2,1 pod cast spotlight!  Here

Episode Fifteen Quite possibly, the coolest duo on the ukulele scene today! It’s Dead Man Uke!  Here

Episode Sixteen When we first met Zahra Lowzley, there was very little we could say, we just sat in silence at the sounds coming from the humble ukulele in Zahra’s hands thinking to ourselves,….”WOW”!!  Here

Episode Seventeen  One of the nicest guys we know. More than that, he’s an astonishingly talented player too, it’s Mike Warren ! Here

Episode Eighteen Manitoba Hal is an accomplished musician and songwriter. Hal proves that the uke can be small but mighty as he pulls out powerful blues riffs and melodies. Here

Episode Nineteen  Now, this guy takes the ukulele to another level with his phenomenal, unique style of playing. Ladies & Gentlemen….the one & only, Ben Rouse!  Here

Episode Twenty  Ukulele ZaZa.  Remco Houtman-Janssen is Ukulelzaza. He is one of the most talented ukulele players on the circuit today. Plus, mixed with the fact he is bloody good company to be with. Here

Episode Twenty One  Ooty and the cloud.  Ooty & the cloud are Sally, Rekha and Stephen. Sally met Stephen playing ukulele and they became friends, when Rekha met Sally they became friends too. And they play wonderful music together too!  Here

Episode Twenty Two  Yan Yalego  is a Singer, guitar, ukulele, kazoo, teapot and foot percussion player. His repertoire is mainly based on the anglo-american tradition but often turns in creole / french variations.  Here

Episode Twenty Three  Nico’o.   Nico’o was born in the Basque country, south west of France . He spent all his young years playing guitar and 15 years ago he started to play the ukulele with the locals everyday, and he really fell in love with the instrument of his dream.  Here

Episode Twenty Four  Stephen Corless.  Stephen was the founder of Wigan ukulele club where Chonkinfeckle’s Les & Tim first met.  Stephen is a writer, actor, poet and raconteur.  These are some of his self penned songs!  Here 

Episode Twenty Five  Caroline Hedgeinspector.  Caroline is the better half of Mike ‘Krabbers’. And she co-runs the ever popular ‘Unplug The Wood’ open mic sessions as well.  Along with all that, she can belt out an awesome tune or two too!  Here